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i shoot weddings. i document one of life's most special occasions.

on your wedding day i am an observer with a camera. there to document - not to change it or alter it. i love photographing the organic, emotive connection couples have naturally. telling a love story with photos is what i do best.

i let couples be who they are and let them simply enjoy their day + i capture it.

along with great candids (crying, laughing & everything in between), there's also a little directing that goes into creating great photos. the end result is your day, documented, preserved in absolutely beautiful, honest photos.

i enjoy the natural, soft, beautiful light that wraps around us rather than studio lights. i'm fortunate to live in the most beautiful part of the country, so i prefer outdoor sessions anyday, hands down.

i love meeting new couples and hearing how they met, the journey they've taken and how they ended up at this point. i truly feel fortunate to witness the most special day in my clients' lives (and document it too!)

i grew up with cameras (yes, multiple) and to see me without one in my hand would be unusual. it started out as a kid when i had a 110 camera, then to 35mm film and now digital. at last count, i'm somewhere near half a million pictures taken. i draw inspiration from all around but i particularly love henri cartier bresson and his concept of the decisive moment.

in my spare time, i'm usually enjoying the great outdoors here (be it hiking, running, cycling, gardening, days on the lake with friends or outdoor cookouts).


(photo by jose villa)

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